Bruneians to take part in umbrella festival

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TEN Bruneians under the Singers, Musicians and Dancers Association (Persatuan 3P) departed from Brunei International Airport yesterday to take part in Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2016 to showcase Brunei’s culture and traditions.

The third annual festival, held in Solo city, Indonesia, centres around an umbrella theme and will include a decorated umbrella carnival, an umbrella making workshop and an umbrella dance workshop, said Indonesia-based non-profit organiser Mataya Arts and Heritage in a press release.

The president of Persatuan 3P told reporters that the Bruneian representatives will take part in the festival programmes along with other invited countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan and Russia.

“We will perform an umbrella dance and also sing a song called Kg Ayer as well as participate in the workshops and showcase Brunei history that is mainly centred around the monarchical institution,” said Hjh Saadiah Hj Ghazali, adding that the festival will be held from September 23-25.

“Although we don’t make umbrellas here in Brunei and there is not much cultural attachment for us (with umbrellas) compared to Indonesia, we will still try to share instances in our history of the use of the umbrella,” she said.

She said she hoped for more opportunities to participate in cultural festivals in the future “so we can share more of what Brunei has to offer culturally”.

“Persatuan 3P feels strongly to promote Brunei Darussalam through our cultural music, dance. I feel that we have a duty to share this as much as we can, especially beyond Brunei,” she said.

Hjh Saadiah, who has been president of the association for three years running, said national patriotic songs such as Tekat Ke Merdekaan and Brunei Bumi Bertuah will also be sung by its members.

Mataya Arts and Heritage said in its press release that the event aimed to enhance relations between ASEAN countries as well as countries outside of ASEAN.

“This is a beautiful opportunity for Brunei to participate in this festival for the first time, particularly in the workshops centred around the umbrella theme,” Hjh Saadiah said.

“We also wish to promote the peacefulness of our country through these songs — (especially Kg Ayer), as it has a soft tone to it. It would be the best way to show Brunei is truly an abode of peace.”

The Brunei Times