Belait museum registers over 300 visitors

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THE Belait District Museum has received over 300 visitors since it was opened for public viewing on July 23 this year, said its manager yesterday.

Erdi Herman Hj Tiban said the number of visitors is considered encouraging even though the figure is smaller compared with museums in the capital.

“Other museums particularly in the Brunei-Muara district would usually see thousands of visitors per month, and most of them have help from tourism agencies enlisting the museums as places to visit in their packages,” he said.

“We talked to travel agencies previously, but they said it may depend on the number of people visiting Belait for tourism purposes, so at the moment, we are finding other ways of increasing the number of visitors and promote our museum to the public,” he added.

Erdi said the museum is planning to conduct school activities, bringing children from all over Belait to learn more about the exhibits at the museum that showcases the culture and history of people in the district.

“For long-term planning however, we will be reaching out to other institutions, including the village consultative councils (MPKs) and other government agencies to get their ideas and help on how we can promote our museum here,” he said.

The long-term planning, said Erdi Herman, may be changed from time to time, according to technological advancements as they wanted the museum to remain relevant as one of the centres for people to learn about the history of Belait and its people.

“The museum itself is also not complete as we need to conduct more research and add more exhibits and findings that could help people learn more about the district and its people,” he added.

Considering the size and capacity of the management, he hoped they may be able to carry out an effective and feasible plan that could better promote the Belait District Museum and increase the number of visitors, especially in the long run.

The Brunei Times