80% driving course graduates have found employment

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MORE than 80 per cent of graduates of the Heavy Machinery Driving course run at the Youth Development Centre (PPB) have found employment.

PPB Assistant Training Officer Hj Ruslan Hj Kurus said that the course, which began in 2012, have produced 83 graduates through five intakes thus far.

Hj Ruslan explained that students from two institutions – PPB and the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) – comprise each intake of the course.

All students who are part of the PPB Heavy Machinery Driving course undertake two months of practical training and three months of industrial placements, and are qualified to work upon completion of the course.

“At the moment, there has been good support from the industries, there has been a demand by them for these heavy vehicle driving graduates with every intake,” Hj Ruslan said.

Among the industries that the PPB course graduates are qualified to work in are construction, oil and gas and transport services, he said. He shared that graduates of the course currently receive driving licenses in Classes 4, 5, 6, 2/11 (for trailer driving), as well as certificates in defensive driving, occupational four-wheel driving, bus driver training, lorry mounted crane (HIAB) driving as well as rigging and slinging.

Hj Ruslan said that a heavy machinery driving course student who was registered with IBTE would receive a contract of employment (COE) at the beginning of the course, which means the student would already have a company waiting to hire them if they passed the course.

“If (the students are) registered with PPB, they don’t have to have a COE – so employment will have to depend on their own qualities or merit shown during their industrial placements.

“If they’re good, then the companies will take them in (after course completion),” he said.

According to Hj Ruslan, the PPB is trying to improve the course, so that there would be a constant demand for its local graduates.

In a phone interview, Christopher Lau, HR and Safety Manager at Readymix Concrete (B) Sdn Bhd told The Brunei Times that three PPB graduates are currently still working with the company, after completing their industrial attachments during their course there.

Lau said the most important thing he looked for among the PPB trainees during their placements was a favourable working attitude and a keenness to learn, especially since they may not have knowledge about concrete.

Lau added that the company would continue to support PPB to grow local talent in the heavy machinery driving field.

Jointly run by PPB and IBTE, the Heavy Machinery Driving course is supported by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) and the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO).

The Brunei Times