Bruneian Note 7 owners to stick with phone

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MOST Samsung Note 7 owners have decided to stick with their phones despite the recent global recall, said representatives of several mobile stores in the sultanate.


According to them, the owners of the Note 7 have decided to wait for Samsung to replace their faulty devices, instead of opting to get refunds or new phones.






Deejay Enterprise Inventory Controller Azrina Doni said that out of the seven Samsung Note 7 that they sold, six customers had opted to return their phones and wait for a new set while the remaining customer opted for a full refund.


“We have four who have already returned their phones and are waiting for their new sets and we are waiting for another two who are overseas at the moment but have already informed us that they are going to wait for the new sets,” said Azrina.


A manager in QQeStore who declined to be named said that customers who purchased Samsung Note 7 units from them said they would prefer to replace their phones despite the option of a refund or an exchange to a different device.


“I cannot give you the exact figures as that is confidential but I can roughly say about 90 to 95 per cent of the customers have decided to wait for the new sets,” said the manager.


A member of CityMobile Enterprise’s management said that their store only gave the option to replace the devices as their products are ordered directly from Singapore.


The CityMobile Enterprise management who opted for anonymity said that all their customers who purchased the Samsung Note 7 units were understanding of the situation and have chosen to replace their phones without much complaints.


Samsung ordered a global recall of the phablet on September 2, 2016, following 36 cases of reported battery explosions.




The Brunei Times