Make children aware of ASEAN from an early age

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HEAD of the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) Muara has said that children should be made aware about ASEAN and its member countries from very young age.

Pg Serimohayatun Pg Hj Metusin said starting early will make children more aware of various cultures and dialects of different countries.

She therefore stressed the importance of having an ASEAN corner in every school and library in the country.

“It’s always good to start exposing children to important information from a young age as they will tend to absorb the information quicker. Even if they don’t know much, at least they will have knowledge about ASEAN.”

“If children gain knowledge about various cultures and dialects at an early age, it will be much easier for them to deal with issues concerning ASEAN when they grow older. Such training will give them sound knowledge about various aspects of ASEAN.”

She said this can also help them prepare for any conferences, workshops or seminars in the future.

She lauded schools and libraries for having an ASEAN corner or section and hoped more schools will follow through.

Pg Serimohayatun said the DBP in the capital already has an ASEAN section with member countries’ flags.

“Those interested in finding more about ASEAN can just visit our branch in the capital.”

She said DBP Muara will also have an ASEAN corner in the upcoming months.

“We’re currently gathering material and information from relevant sources and hopefully can set up a corner as soon as possible.”

She said the branch receives a good number of visitors particularly during the examination season, adding activities organised in conjunction with school holidays have also been well received.

The Brunei Times