Brochures to help tourists find their way

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THE Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body is designing brochures and posters to promote the 41 tourist destinations in the district.

In an interview with organisation’s Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Amir Hj Umarali at the Tutong Photo Marathon meeting yesterday, he said that the brochures will feature a map of Tutong with information of the 41 popular destinations such as the Herbal tea farm, Tasek Merimbun and Butterfly Park.

According to Muhammad Amir, these printed materials will be distributed to information centres and tour operators for the benefit of the tourists.

He added that these printed material are hoped to complement their existing virtual platforms which are the website _and Facebook page, Tutong Destination.

The brochure will be ready for distribution after the completion of the photo marathon as the best photos of the marathon will be featured in the brochures.

“We have already (desgined and) produced a map but we are waiting for more beautiful photos that properly showcases these destinations. Currently, we have only old stock photos which I do not think is suitable to be used for promotion in the new brochure,” he added.

However, Muhammad Amir said that interested parties can access the Tutong destination map on their Facebook page.

He added that the initiative is hoped to promote tourism in the district by making information more accessible and attractive to both local and foreign tourists.

The Tutong Photo Marathon is scheduled to take place from November 22 to 29 and is open to all members of the public.

Participants will be given site visits to the tourist destinations in Tutong as well as a workshop which will inform them of the basics of photography and the rules and criteria of the marathon.

The Brunei Times