7 road violations to become compoundable offences

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SEVERAL road offences which usually entail a driver being slapped with a summons will be changed to compoundable offences, the director of the Land Transport Department (LTD) said yesterday.

Dr Supry Hj Ladi, who is also chairman of the Motor Transport Licensing Authority (MTLA), said they will be looking to change seven offences to become compoundable offences.

These include driving with an invalid, expired vehicle license (formerly known as road tax) or without a vehicle license, driving a car affixed with plastic film on windows or with fixed shades, driving with an invalid driver’s license or without a driver’s license and driving without the consent of the car owner.

They also include using mobile phones while driving, driving without a seatbelt and permitting someone to drive who doesn’t possess a driving license.

Summoned cases are processed at the court for conviction.

Compound cases, however, are when traffic offenders can be fined on the spot by the police or Land Transport Department or are required to pay it within 14 days from the date of the offence.

Dr Supry said the penalties for these compoundable cases will not exceed the maximum penalty of $500.

“As for existing compoundable offences, the revision will look into their potential and (their) direct or indirect contribution to road accidents, or anything that would have an impact to deterring drivers from committing offences that would endanger other road users, as well as cause damage to government property and infrastructure,” he said.

Dr Supry said that the Land Transport Department will inform the public when the change will take effect.

He said the change is in line with Ease of Doing Business initiatives to reduce road traffic cases going to court and to further enhance road safety initiatives and programmes.

The Brunei Times