Textile company sees potential in Brunei

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AN INDIAN textile company is looking to find wholesalers in Brunei and to supply material for dressmaking.

Marisha Agwane, owner of textile company Global Exims, told The Brunei Times yesterday she decided to participate in the India Investrade 2016 at the International Convention Centre in Berakas as she saw a huge potential for her materials to be used for women’s dressmaking here.

Global Exim, she said, specialises in silk and cotton among other materials.

According to Marisha, before she came to Brunei, she did some research online to see what Bruneian women were interested in and realised that supplying various hand-made materials for dressmaking could be the kicker.

“I have been in this business for almost 10 years, and we export textiles, footwear and jewellery. We try to give new things from India to the world. My textiles include materials like cotton, silk, pashmina and all types,” she said.

Marisha said they are already exporting to countries in the Southeast Asian region.

She added she hoped wholesalers here will meet to discuss business prospects, as she said it will be a win-win situation for Brunei traders, customers and her company.

“Yesterday, we had meetings with traders and many have expressed interest. We want support from your country and this is good for both countries, where we can get good business,” she said.

From meeting customers over the past two days at the trade expo, the business owner noticed that they were really interested in materials for baju kurong.

“I will be happy to provide materials and design for them and the textile industry is huge from where I come from. I came here to see people’s choice and brought a variety of products to show them. I hope Bruneians will take orders from my company,” she said.

Marisha said she is also looking for the next trade expo in Brunei and hopes it will last longer to give the exhibitors more time to meet clients and traders.

The Brunei Times