Be unique, bold when marketing Brunei

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BRUNEI Tourism can benefit from a unique and distinct marketing campaign, one that is different from other countries.

This was said by Mohamad Zulhilmi Dato Paduka Hj Zainal during an interview on the sidelines of his marketing module for the Industry Business Programme held yesterday at the design and technology building at Anggerek Desa.

“Try to be different because they have been marketing tourism in Brunei for a number of years now. It got them to where they are now but some people don’t feel it is enough. I would suggest (Brunei) to dare to be different and stand out from their (competitors) and actually attract more people to Brunei,” said Mohd Zulhilmi.

The managing director of Icon Media Enterprise cum business development manager at D&M Creative Agency said that ecotourism is one area that Brunei can capitalise.

“The (Bruneian government) can play around with the concept of ecotourism that can appeal to different kinds of people like young adventurers, young families, teenagers or corporate training get-aways,” said Mohd Zulhimi.

He said that one common trend among businesses in Brunei was the lack of variety in their marketing efforts.

“Marketing in Brunei right now is a bit bland and (not viral). Rather than doing something fresh and new that stands out, (businesses) are blending into the background,” said Mohd Zulhilmi.

To overcome this challenge, the managing director said that they would need to gain a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of their businesses and products, and to understanding the type of customers that they want to attract.

“Start building your marketing plan because from there it gives you a more concise focus and it narrows down your vision (on what you want to achieve). You don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing so you want to make sure that whatever marketing dollar that you spend is a bang for your buck,” added Mohd Zulhilmi.

He also adviced those who would like to effectively market their businesses to learn and understand more about marketing and the different approaches and platforms it has to offer.

“My suggestion to (business owners and entrepreneurs) would be to start reading (articles on marketing) on Google. There is a vast array of information online especially for those who want to start (learning) how to do marketing properly,” said Mohd Zulhilmi, adding that YouTtube videos are also a good alternative as it is easier to digest the information.

The Industry Business Academy (IBA) is a development and learning programme for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) under Darussalam Enterprise (DARe).

The aim of the programme is to develop more sustainable businesses by strengthening the fundamental knowledge of how to start, run and grow a business.

More than 20 participants attended the morning session of the level one marketing module presented by Mohd Zulhilmi.

The Brunei Times