‘Teach your children Quran at a young age’

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PARENTS should teach Al-Quran to their children at an early age to instill a love and understanding of the sacred book in them that will shield them from wrongdoing, said the acting director of the Department of Islamic Studies.

In a recent interview, Hajijah Hj Moktal said parents play a primary role in educating their children with Al-Quran in which schools should only come second.

“The teachings of Al-Quran for children always need to start from home while teachers are only there to reinforce these teachings and further develop the children’s understanding and reading skills,” said Hajijah.

“When the children are nurtured with the reading of Al-Quran from the start, eventually it will become a part of them, and not only will they be able to read it, but they will also understand Al-Quran to serve as the ultimate guidance in their life as well as a weapon against any social ills.”

She said parents should not neglect a Quranic education for their children and leave the responsibility to teachers or schools as nurturing children to love Al-Quran is better done sooner than later.

“It’s crucial for parents to read and practise Al-Quran and educate their children even before they’re born. Pregnant women are encouraged to read Al-Quran in ensuring the unborn baby is familiarised with the sound and beauty of Al-Quran recital,” she said.

Hajijah encouraged the use of modern technology in Quranic education when asked about some parents’ use of mobile applications to teach their children Al-Quran.

“In this era of globalisation, we should view technological advancements in a positive manner and put them to good use for our cause (of loving Al-Quran) in order to make it more appealing to the younger generation.”

The Brunei Times