Drug awareness roadshow hits Belait

National 1 minute, 35 seconds


MEMBERS of the public are warned against consuming illegal substances even if they are abroad, as they can still be prosecuted under the Bruneian law should they be found positive upon their return.

Assistant Director of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Preventive Drug Education Division Pg Hjh Masnah Pg Hj Damit said yesterday that drugs that are legal in other countries may not necessarily be legal in Brunei. The assistant director was speaking on the sidelines of a briefing to community members of Kg Lorong Tiga Selatan Seria yesterday, where the NCB was invited for a drug awareness talk. Organised by the Information Department, the briefing was aimed at encouraging Bruneian communities to become more knowledgeable, with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Department of Adat Istiadat were also present to give talks.

In its bid to boost drug abuse prevention efforts in Brunei, Pg Hjh Masnah said the NCB is currently reaching out to community leaders aiming to equip them with knowledge on drugs and make them unofficial ambassadors to further prevent the misuse of drugs. “This however will take a long time considering the number of communities present in Brunei, but we are still reaching out to them and briefing them on what we know about drugs,” she said.

“Indirectly, we are hoping they can conduct their own operations to combat drug abuse in Brunei, as an extension to our limited human resources,” she added.

Amongst the ongoing efforts, she said, is to educate community leaders on identifying types of drugs, which can be commonly mistaken as sweets.

“We hope through the briefing, they can make their own preliminary assessments effectively if they come across suspicious substances and inform us,” she said.

“After the briefings, if they feel that they still have a lot to learn, they can always reach out to us; we will always be happy to help them,” she added.

The Brunei Times