Brunei postgrad society in UK holds workshop

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THE Brunei Postgraduate Society in the UK recently held a workshop aimed at helping students develop scientific papers suitable for publication in scientific journals.

The event, which took place on September 10 at Brunei Hall, Norfolk Square in London, was attended by postgraduates, Masters and undergraduate students from all over the UK.

Mohammad Iznan Hj Tarip, the chair of the society, said it’s good to have a workshop to facilitate the process of publication in journals since paper publication is a currency in academia especially.

“According to best practice, the first step for writing a scientific paper is to actually select the journals you want to publish it in early on when writing an introduction and discussions of the paper.”

He said this is simply because journals have their own styles and type of papers they publish.

Mohammad Iznan said this was one of the lessons learned during the workshop.

“In selecting journals, it’s important to aim for journals with high-impact factors, which implies that the journals are well-received in their respective international communities.”

However, niche journals are also important even if they have a low impact factor, he said, because they are targeting specific audiences.

“Journals based in Brunei can be seen as niche journals if their audience is mainly for Brunei and the region,” said Mohammad Iznan, adding that international journals that are based in Brunei include the Brunei International Medical Journal produced by the Ministry of Health.

The event also saw student presentations by Ayyub Kamaluddin, a PhD student from Imperial College, on ‘Environmental Stress Cracking of Thermoplastics: A Fracture Mechanics Approach’ and Yusma Hazim Yusof, a Loughborough University PhD student on ‘Non-invasive Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds in Breath’.

Mohammad Iznan said the next symposium will be held sometime in January, adding that it will also tentatively be attended by prominent figures from Brunei.

The Brunei Postgraduate Society was established in 2009 to encourage the development of a knowledge-based economy on the path towards Brunei’s Vision 2035.

The society was also established to organise the Brunei Students’ Research Symposium annually or biennially and other academic/research events as well as provide a social forum for Bruneian postgraduates in the UK and Ireland to share their research between themselves as well as with others.

Mohammad Iznan said it is also to provide a focal point for Bruneian postgraduates in the UK and Ireland to network with academics, researchers, policymakers and other relevant persons in Brunei and elsewhere.

“It’s also a way to provide a peer support network for Bruneian postgraduates in the UK and Ireland so as to ensure their well-being and facilitate their research activities.”

He said all Masters and PhD students studying in the UK are eligible to join the society.

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