US remains committed to ASEAN

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THE US government will remain committed to its ASEAN programmes and initiatives after President Barack Obama ends his term in January 2017, said the US ambassador to ASEAN yesterday.

Responding to concerns over a possible change in priorities with the new administration, Nina Hachigian told reporters in a telephone press briefing that all the US-ASEAN programmes and initiatives are expected to continue running.

“All these initiatives are based on our shared interests in economic growth, stability, people-to-people ties. I don’t expect that any of them are going away,” she said.

The reassurance came following the announcement of more programmes by President Obama last week under US-ASEAN Connect, a strategic, unifying framework to deepen the US’ growing economic cooperation with the 10-nation bloc.

Among the latest programmes offered by the US is the Women’s Livelihood Bond Programme which will leverage over USD15 million in private capital to create sustainable livelihoods for women in ASEAN.

President Obama also recently introduced the Clean Power Asia programme to increase the supply of grid-connected renewable energy in ASEAN as well as the Digital Economy Initiative to help ASEAN build a vibrant regional digital economy that can drive innovation and inclusive economic growth.

“We expect all these initiatives to continue...I’m not expecting any major changes in our policies or programmes,” said Hachigian.

The Brunei Times