PGGMB to attend education forum in Korea

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THIRTY members from the Brunei Malay Teachers Association (PGGMB) yesterday left for South Korea to participate in the 32nd ASEAN Council of Teachers (ACT Plus one) Convention.

The delegation, headed by Hj Antin Ahad, will be in Seoul for three days from September 18-20 to discuss experiences and best practices in teaching and learning.

The Bruneian delegates will join their ASEAN counterparts, together with participants from South Korea as an ASEAN dialogue partner, in discussing the theme ‘Expansion of Quality Education in ASEAN and Korea through Character and Global Citizenship Education’

Hj Antin said the convention serves as a platform for teachers to deepen their understanding of teaching skills adopted by other ASEAN countries, as well as South Korea.

It also allows the participants to share their knowledge and experiences as educators.

He said that it is an opportunity for ASEAN countries and South Korea to exchange cultural and religious values with one another, noting that this can help Brunei preserve and elevate the sultanate’s status.

About 2000 participants comprising educators, scholars and policymakers from South Korea and ASEAN countries are expected to attend the meeting.

Hj Antin said a Brunei representative from the Ministry of Education, Hj Mariam Hj Ladi, will also be presenting a country report to share experiences and current developments in Brunei’s education system at the convention.

According to Hj Antin, the convention is held every year to discuss and share ideas to develop teachers’ proficiency in a global learning environment.

South Korean Minister of Education Lee Joonsik is expected to officiate the opening.

The Brunei Times