Library club visits Muara DBP

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MEMBERS of the Library Club at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education’s Nakhoda Ragam Campus toured the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) in Muara yesterday.

The head of IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus’ Library, Azamain Menuddin, said the visit was aimed at familiarising them with the library’s equipment and services.

The students were also briefed on the history of the library by Pg Serimohayatun Pg Hj Metusin, the head of DBP Muara.

“This is their first time visiting the library here in Muara, so we want to expose them to the various books available which they might need in the future.”

One of the students, Nurul Fithriyaani @ Amal Faiqah Imran, said she was interested in learning what the library had to offer.

“I’m taking a course on construction, so I’m looking forward to browsing through the library’s collection of books on the subject.

“At the same time, I’m also studying the building’s infrastructure, which I believe can help me in my course one day,” she said.

Nurul Fithriyaani @ Amal Faiqah said she was also interested in sharing the knowledge she gained from the visit with her peers.

Siti Zaharah Hj Maidin, a staff member who also participated in the trip, said she was also interested in learning more about the library’s facilities and services.

“This visit will not only benefit me but also my peers, children and friends.”

She said the library had good facilities and commended it for organising numerous activities for children during the school holidays.

Azamain said the club will be visiting other libraries in all four districts as well as other places to increase their knowledge.

He said apart from familiarising them with the equipment and services, he hopes they will gain more insight into the multiple roles of librarians and importance of libraries as sources of knowledge.

The students also took part in several activities organised in conjunction with the school holidays.

The visit was also aimed at strengthening relations between the club’s members and the library’s staff.

The Brunei Times