BruROSA holds briefing for UK bound students

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THE Brunei Religious Officer Student Association (BruROSA) recently held a pre-departure leadership briefing for the new intake of students leaving for the United Kingdom.

BruROSA’s Male Secretary Ak Syazwan Pg Sulaiman said the briefing, held on September 10, was to mentally prepare the students for the challenges they will face when in the UK.

“This is to prevent them from experiencing depression or having mental breakdowns,” he said.

He said the briefing was to provide a clear view of what they should expect in the UK.

The briefing also gave the students an understanding of Islam from different perspectives so they would avoid experiencing culture shock due to the different Islamic practices there, he said.

It was also a platform for BruROSA members to get to know the new intake to help ease their transition to living in the UK, said Ak Syazwan.

Held at the Dewan Penerangan of the Information Department in Berakas, the event started with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah followed by an introduction on BruROSA by its former president, Muhammad Hamizan Zaini, and current female secretary Izyan ‘Aziz.

A talk was also delivered by Ustaz Azhar Aziz on Islam and the 21st Century.

“If we really have taqwa (obedience to Islamic laws and fear of Allah SWT), Allah SWT will teach us something that we don’t know,” he said.

Ustaz Azhar also pointed out the importance of having berkat (blessings) in studying.

“The outcome of knowledge is that we practise what we learn, and if we really have taqwa, the knowledge we gain will be a blessed one.”

Ak Syazwan said the event was the first leadership briefing organised by BruROSA and it plans to hold it annually to help new students.

The Brunei Times