Wasan-Bebuloh road fixed

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ROAD users passing Jalan Wasan-Bebuloh in Brunei-Muara district are now driving without distraction after the road’s poor conditions due to potholes along a five-kilometre stretch have been repaired.

“The repair work was completed about two weeks ago,” Hj Mohd Said Tundak, the head of Kg Bebuloh in Mukim Pengkalan Batu told _The Brunei Times _yesterday.

Hj Mohd Said expressed satisfaction with the repair work, which was done in stages last month. He also hoped that the relevant agencies can continue to monitor the condition of the roads for the safety of the motorists in the area.

When _The Brunei Times _was on hand to observe the areas from Wasan towards Bebuloh, the roads were pothole-free. Some sections of the roads are seen to have darker tone as the previous potholes have been filled in recently.

The village head also said that an effort to ensure the safety of the road also includes monitoring the other hazards caused by the trees along the roadside as the branches bend towards the roads. The branches can also put to risk the road users’ safety, he added.

Prior to the repair work by the relevant government agencies, the village head and other villagers held a meeting in early August to find solution to the problem following some damages to more than 20 cars with both local and foreign vehicle registration plates due to the potholes and ‘unsuitable road conditions’ along the aforementioned roads.

The then road’s poor conditions were very unsafe to the road users, especially when driving in the area after dark. Most of the time motorists needed to swerve onto the other side of the road to avoid the potholes, which could cause damage to their vehicles, including a flat tyre.

The village head said the repair work was done after public complaints regarding the poor condition of the roads were reported to relevant government agencies, including calling the Darussalam Hotline for eight times.

The road’s poor condition which also had deep potholes and uneven surface in the areas was also published in this newspaper last month.

The Brunei Times