Police probe break-in near Seria

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) is investigating a house break-in that allegedly took place between Sunday and Monday near Seria town and saw several electronics including a laptop, PlayStation and television stolen.

The victim of the alleged crime said he had been away in the capital from his house along Jalan Nahkoda Manis for two days, and was shocked to learn about the break-in through his younger sibling who rang him on Monday evening.

“My sibling called me around seven after he returned to the house and found that doors were open. We made the police report later that night,” said the victim yesterday, who wished to keep his identity anonymous.

The victim said he circulated a message on WhatsApp soon after for the public to contact him if they saw a Dell laptop, an iPad, a 32-inch television and a PlayStation 2 being sold as used items.

The victim also said this was the first time his wooden house, built on stilts, had been broken into.

“I do feel that the area is becoming increasingly unsafe,” he said. His opinion is shared by some members of the Seria community, including one resident who took to Facebook a week ago to urge residents on Jln Nahkoda Manis to be on the alert, relaying the experience of friends who chased away a person they believed was also attempting to steal from houses.

The Brunei Times