Prisons Dep’t welcomes collaborations to improve programmes

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THE Prisons Department is constantly looking for ways to develop and improve its rehabilitation programmes by actively seeking collaborations with interested parties.

Acting Director of Prisons Hj Ismail Hj Murat told The Brunei Times recently that the department is already collaborating with agencies to provide training and rehab programmes for inmates under the department’s Counselling and Aftercare Services.

“The department welcomes (any collaboration) and will continue to give its cooperation to any parties particularly in regards to trainings that we have implemented in prison (for inmates),” he said.

Currently, more than seven programmes have been implemented in Brunei prisons under the department’s vocational skills and training programmes including carpentry, welding, agriculture, landscape gardening, sewing, creative arts and cooking to hone inmates’ skills in these fields.

The acting director stressed that the collaborations with various stakeholders and agencies are crucial in providing the platforms for inmates to explore their passion and find the field they are interested in.

“We will also continuously ask for cooperation from various agencies, be it public or private sectors to give a chance to these ex-inmates to develop their talents and skills, as this will help them to become independent and able to start anew after serving prison.”

Hj Ismail said that the department’s efforts in providing effective rehabilitation programmes for the inmates are not limited in the confine of prisons’ walls but also outside, when the inmates are released.

“As a continuation of our incare programme, we also have the aftercare, where we train former inmates through our incubator programme.

“This is aimed at helping them find a field they are interested in and secure a job as well as rebuilding their life,” he said.

It was reported early last year that the department launched an incubation project with Annur Harapan where former inmates will be employed for six months after they served their prison sentences to help them earn their own living and potentially go on to become entrepreneurs.

Citing the success of a previous incubator project involving the setting up of a car wash run by a former inmate at Sumbangsih, Hj Ismail also said that the department is currently collaborating with the mosque committee of Sengkurong mosque for a grass cutting service incubator project.

The Brunei Times