Meraih Barkah Group seeks donations

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THE Meraih Barkah Group is seeking donations from the public so it can supply religious books and build and upgrade prayer facilities.

The head of the association, Hjh Florinda Hj Mejenis, said the donations will be used to fund 100 Kitab Qiraat Jilid 1 and 2 for Institut Tahfiz students which cost $35 each.

She said the donations will also be used to help build an area and install water pipes for performing wudhu (ablution) for female students of Mentiri Secondary School and install fans at Lambak Secondary School’s surau for the comfort of students to perform prayers.

Hjh Florinda said anyone interested in making a donation can contact her at 7106514 or Datin Hjh Misnah at 8718234. She said the association will be accepting donations until October 4.

“May Allah SWT bless the donations and may those who donate be blessed with rezeki (rewards) from Allah SWT,” she added.

The association was formed in 2014 with the aim of encouraging Muslims to obtain Allah SWT’s blessings through donating basic necessities such as Qurans, prayer mats and similar items.

The Brunei Times