Graduates keen to set up economics association

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A GROUP of recent university graduates are keen to set up a local economics association that would act as a platform for discussion of economic policies and issues.

Fadli M Zaini, a recent politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) graduate from the University of Essex, said the idea was mooted as a way to make Brunei an intellectual hub in the region.

“It would be a collaborative platform where we can host events and discussions on economic issues, and help formulate practical solutions to some of the challenges we face today.”

Rasyidah Ibrahim, a PPE undergraduate at the University at Exeter, said the association will help raise awareness and shape public discourse on policy issues, and can also work with government bodies to provide private sector input.

“There all these conferences happening in other ASEAN countries, we should have something to brand Brunei as a viable intellectual hub.

“Through this association, that’s what we plan to do, and at the same time we can generate revenue for the country by hosting these events in Brunei.”

The duo said while they are still in the planning stage, they are looking for potential collaborators or partnerships that can help get the association off the ground.

The Brunei Times