Japanese embassy plans to bring in more exhibitions

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THE Japanese Embassy will continue bringing more travelling exhibitions to museums in Brunei and is already planning to bring a Japanese handicraft exhibition to the country next year.

First Secretary at the Japanese Embassy Junko Kurihar a said the embassy plans to bring the ‘Handcrafted Form: Traditions and Techniques’ exhibition next to Brunei in April 2017.

The exhibition, organised by the Japan Foundation, will focus on traditional crafts in Japan that were developed within the context of daily life, she said.

According to Junko, this exhibition will introduce practical crafts which were produced at workshops throughout Japan by highly creative craftspeople who studied materials and techniques at these workshops.

It will showcase examples of traditional arts and crafts which were made using materials such as ceramics, textiles, metalwork, lacquer ware, wood, bamboo, glass and paper, she said.

“We are aware that handicrafts are very popular in Brunei, (and) we wish that people here will be interested in the event.”

According to the Japan Foundation’s website, the handicraft exhibition has been to a number of countries including Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, Canada, Italy and India.

The foundation’s ‘Dolls of Japan’ exhibition, which showcased a range of traditional and contemporary dolls from Japan, wrapped up on Friday after a three-week tenure at the Malay Technology Museum.

Earlier this year, the Malay Technology Museum also hosted the Japan Foundation’s ‘Tohoku: Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers’ travelling exhibition from February to March.

Malay Technology Museum Chief Attendant Noor Nazirah Zatulhimmah A Matassim said that both exhibitions received over 2,800 visitors.

The Brunei Times