BruROSA gives workers free lunch

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THE Brunei Religious Officer Student Association (BruROSA) organised a charity event earlier this month as part of their summer holiday activities.

On September 1, they distributed lunch packs to 40 workers in different areas of the country who were on their lunch break to show appreciation for their contributions to the nation’s betterment.

They consisted of construction workers, lawn cutters and workers who help repair the nation’s roads.

BruROSA’s Male Secretary, Ak Syazwan Pg Sulaiman, said members of the association also offered words of appreciation to the workers for their contributions.

The charity event emphasised that without these workers, Brunei would not be as developed and as clean as we see today, said Ak Syazwan.

Through the charitable activity, the association also hopes to inculcate the virtue of helping one another, attract youth to become more proactive in community service and spread positivity.

“Upon receiving the lunch packs, they felt very grateful.

“Distributing the lunch packs felt like we accomplished something that we hope can encourage others — especially youth — to do the same,” said Ak Syazwan.

BruROSA’s Head of Media, Faiz Hamid, said he felt glad to be able to ease the burden of the workers.

“Even though it wasn’t much, we felt that they felt appreciated and acknowledged.”

Faiz said this was a trial event and he hoped it would break boundaries and encourage others to do the same.

“There’s nothing new about what we did. It’s been done by others before and will be done again even without us,” said BruROSA President Ahmad Umar Mahdan in a press release.

“Nowadays, people are fed with news about crime, excessive entertainment and useless debates, so why not spread positivity?”

Ak Syazwan said the association aims to organise a similar event next year in August or September.

Established in February 2015, the association liaises between Bruneian students in the UK and Northern Ireland in terms of religious affairs.

Members of the association consist of religious officers who are students from different Bruneian societies in the UK and Northern Ireland. The association has affiliation with the Brunei Students’ Unit and Brunei Students’ Union.

BruROSA has organised several activities in Brunei and the UK. This includes Kem Ibadah during the winter season in the UK which focuses on providing a spiritual boost and knowledge through informal lectures and activities.

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