‘Precautions, prayers can protect us from Zika virus’

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STEPS should be taken to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in light of the spread of the Zika virus, congregants were told yesterday.

Imams said during the Friday sermon that as citizens who love our country, we should band together and support efforts to control the spread of the virus.

They said a population that is disease ridden is physically weak which in turn affects mental health and threatens a nation’s quality of life.

Islam, said the sermon, puts cleanliness and health as a priority, and congregants should always maintain these aspects wherever they may be.

“Through cleanliness, we will be safe from any diseases and be able to live comfortably, as health is also one of the branches of piety.”

Steps that should be taken include destroying mosquito breeding sites by inspecting areas around a house or building where breeding may occur, checking for clogged drains, tightly sealing or draining containers of stored water no longer in use and using mosquito repellant.

The Zika virus is spread through bites from the Aedes mosquito with the symptoms including mild fever, red eyes (conjunctivitis), headaches, rashes and joint pains.

Zika infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects.

Imams said this pandemic can be controlled if preventive steps are taken with cooperation from all sides.

They further reminded congregants that as Muslims, they should increase their praying and zikir to Allah SWT.

“We should also not forget to seek help from Allah SWT through doa and zikir. Through zikir to Allah SWT, we will obtain peace and assurance as well as live prosperously and harmoniously.

“It is hoped that through efforts, prayers and zikir, our country will be safe and protected from all diseases and disasters, always in a state of peace and under the protection of Allah SWT,” they said.

The Brunei Times