Filipino family embrace Islam

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A FILIPINO family of three recited the Islamic testimony of faith yesterday to mark the beginning of their new journey in life as Muslims.

Reading the syahadah at the conversion ceremony that took place at the home of Mukim Kilanas’ penghulu, the head of the newly converted family said he had been studying Islam for a year before making the decision to embrace the religion.

“I became interested in the religion and that was when I decided to study about it,” said 52-year-old Manuel Agcang Demecillo now known as Muhammad Mahir Abdullah.

Muhammad Mahir, who repairs air conditioners as a living decided to take on the new faith after repeatedly receiving dreams related to Muslim practices.

“In my dreams, I see someone come to a room and when he opens the door there are people doing the Islamic prayers,” he said.

He said he received the dreams on multiple occasions, prompting him to study about Islam that subsequently led to his conversion.

Also accepting the faith was his 34-year-old wife Jeran Duran Demecillo now known as Jah Demecillo Abdullah and son nine-year-old Manuel Jr Duran Demecillo now known as Jambri Muhammad Mahir.

According to the Islamic Da’wah centre, 516 people embraced Islam between January and December last year.

Three hundred and forty-one individuals converted to Islam from January to August this year.

The Brunei Times