Call to understand risks of cyber-security

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AN INFORMATION security solutions provider has called on Bruneians to be more aware of cyber-security threats as reliance on technology continues to increase.

Information Technology Protective Security Services (ITPSS) said with the growing number infrastructure, organisations, businesses and citizens dependent on IT and the Internet, the number of risks also increases.

“People need to understand that IT risks are likely to be present due to poor programming, unpatched systems, non-compliance to best practices or standards,” the company said in an email interview.

ITPSS said having the necessary skill sets in IT and cyber-security enables the ability to uncover, identify risks and mitigate them.

Handling IT and cyber-related risks is a proactive and reactive process whereby it is important to uncover security holes and fix them in the early stage to minimise future threats, it said.

“One should have a good reactive plan in the event of successful attacks (intrusions, virus/worm outbreaks, denial of service attacks),” ITPSS added.

The company aims to use its Cyber Battle: Capture the Flag competition to address security concerns in the digital realm, especially with the emergence of Internet of Things where virtually everything is connected to the digital world.

The competition hoped to raise public awareness on cyber-security and gauge the competency level of ICT professionals in various disciplines of IT and cyber-security.

The cyber security firm added that Brunei, just like many countries in the region, faces a shortage of ICT and cyber security professionals.

“It is hoped that Cyber Battle: Capture the Flag would garner people’s interest in choosing IT and cyber -security as their field of choice or profession,” said ITPSS.

Seventeen teams competed yesterday to qualify for the final of the second Cyber Battle, which will take place on September 18 at The Airport Mall.

This year’s Cyber Battle teams were tested on their skills in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities on designated game servers.

Game play is based on Jeopardy-style, and teams will be required to solve challenges that consist of web, crypto, exploitation, digital forensics and packet analysis.

The competition is also meant to select teams that will represent Brunei in the Cyber SEA Games in Bali, Indonesia at the end of this month.

Brunei sent two teams to the Cyber SEA Games for the first time last year.

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