Sayyidina Hasan students get briefing on nationalism

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THE Information Department held a briefing yesterday for around 400 students of Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School as part of the government’s efforts to instill a sense of patriotism in Brunei’s youth.

The department, through the Nationhood Unit, addressed the students and teachers at the school’s multi-purpose hall on the importance of appreciating the national anthem and flag.

During his talk, Pg Ikram Pg Hj Ahmad, the acting head of the Nationhood Unit under the Prime Minister’s Office, provided in-depth information on the procedures of raising and lowering the national flag.

Through presentation slides, he also showed the proper placement of the national flag on vehicles.

“We must appreciate the flag and its song (Bendera Negara). We must have spirit because the flag symbolises a country. So when we see our flag, we should (immediately) feel the spirit of patriotism.

“Every flag has a certain meaning to the people and community. It should be the same for us. What does it mean to us when we see the flag?” said Pg Ikram.

He showed students and teachers different types of flags such as those used by government agencies.

He also relayed to students and teachers the meaning of the panji-panji that are found on flags representing uniformed personnel agencies and Bruneian dignitaries among others.

“The _panji-panji _carries the identity of the country, including the country’s philosophy of Melayu Islam Beraja (Malay Islamic Monarchy),” he said, noting that the _panji-panji _was added in 1906 and is part of the current national flag.

Present as the guest of honour was Acting Director of the Information Department Hjh Noorashidah Hj Aliomar.

The Brunei Times