EducationUSA looks to draw in more Bruneians

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THE US Embassy’s academic advising office, EducationUSA, will strengthen its education outreach programme by carrying out interactive sessions with stakeholders to encourage more Bruneian students to study in American varsities.

US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Catherine Muller said that the programme allows the embassy to inform teachers, counsellors, other educational institutions, students and parents about the various options in the US as there are over 4,000 accredited education institutions in the country.

Muller was speaking on the sidelines of the annual EducationUSA Interactive Session for career teachers and school counsellors yesterday.

“We will continue doing that and we will see if more students go,” said the public affairs officer.

“We always hope that we will increase (the number of Bruneians studying in the US) again next year,” she added.

The public affairs officer expressed hopes that more students will find the education programmes in the US to be the best fit for their needs, educational goals and career goals.

She said that for the 2014-2015 academic year, the number of Bruneian students studying in the US increased by 21.7 per cent, compared to the prior year.

“This interactive session is a great opportunity for US Embassy Brunei Darussalam to engage with career teachers who inform parents and students about universities and trends in US higher education... and guide them through the admissions process, procedures, and testing,” she said.

Yesterday’s programme, held at the Radisson Hotel in the capital, saw a presentation which touched on the undergraduate application process, the SAT (a standardised test used for admission to US colleges/universities) and the common application.

The presentation was delivered by EducationUSA Advisor Mayra Robles.

During the event, Ummi Kalsum Hj Omar, head of pre-university and careers department at Sayyidina Ali Secondary School shared her experience in the US during a three-week workshop and conference with the International Association of College Admission Counselling (IACAC).

Ummi Kalsum is Brunei’s first scholar and participant at the IACAC.

The event was attended by higher education career teachers and counsellors from various government and private sixth form centres and secondary schools.

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