UBD student in Japan for language programme

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AN UNDERGRADUATE from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) departed for Japan yesterday to participate in a two-week Japanese language programme.

Lee Kheng Huan, a final year student majoring in business administration, will be joining 61 other participants at the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute in Kansai (Osaka). They will also be visiting Kyoto, Hiroshima and other locations in Japan.

Dubbed “The Japanese-Language Programme for Overseas Students (Outstanding Students)”, participants will attend lectures on Japanese language and the country’s social and cultural aspects; visit cultural facilities and historical sites; and a one day home stay.

“I’m quite nervous because I’ve never been to Japan and it’s also my first time travelling alone. (However), I’m also excited because I’ve wanted to go to Japan for years and I hope to learn more about the culture there,” said Lee during an interview at the Brunei International Airport before her departure.

The participants of the programme, which consist of Japanese language learners studying at universities, colleges and other educational institutions in their respective countries, are selected based on their outstanding results in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Lee, who completed her JLPT N2, the second highest level available in the test, said that her achievement was a result of constant practice from a young age, learning from Japanese medium such as songs and TV shows.

“I was interested in the Japanese language since (I was) three to four years old. I (would) just keep listening and listening to the language till I (understand it) but (it was when) I entered UBD that I attended formal Japanese lessons,” she added.

In an interview, First Secretary at the Japan Embassy in Brunei Junko Kurihara expressed hope that the participants would be encouraged to continue learning and understanding the language and culture of Japan after attending the programme. She also urged Bruneians to apply for the JLPT test to certify and test their proficiency in the Japanese language.

The JLPT 2016 will be held on December 4.

Application forms are available at the Information and Cultural Section of the Embassy of Japan in Brunei. Application deadline is on or before September 9.

The Brunei Times