JPI eyes more alliance with NCB in drug fight

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THE Department of Islamic Studies (JPI) is looking to further collaborate with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to prevent the youth from abusing drugs.

In an interview, Acting Director of JPI Hajijah Hj Moktal said that the department is looking for ways to further enhance the knowledge of students on the effects of drugs abuse with the help of NCB. This includes the possibility of adding drugs education in the school curriculum in line with the vision of “a drug free nation” and using teachings in Al-Quran to deter the youth from drugs and its influence, she added.

“Through collaboration with NCB’s Preventive Drug Education (PDE) Division, we plan on educating students about drug abuse through the context of our religion and its perspectives,” she said on the sidelines of the National Musabaqah Tilawah Al-Quran for Arabic and Religious Schools competition organised by NCB yesterday.

In a speech during the event, Acting Director of NCB Hj Md Jaffari Hj Mahadi highlighted the crucial role of educational institutions, noting that they are the second home of the youth that shapes their personality.

Citing a 2012 study conducted by Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali and NCB, he said that drug prevention education in schools is crucial to instill a “culture of hate” among the youth against drugs.

“Among others, the study also proposed for the reassessment of educational curriculum and its syllabus in religious schools, including the teaching methods, in ensuring that students will not only be equipped with religious knowledge, but also possess the personality and identity of a true Muslim,” said Hj Jaffari.

Hajijah said that drug awareness in schools, employing the teachings of Al-Quran, must be pursued to prevent drug addiction among students.

“In our curriculum, we also teach students regarding the negative influences (of drugs) and other ill activities through understanding of the hadiths and Quranic verses,” she said.

In ensuring that the curriculum will be in line with the nation’s vision, Hajijah said that currently JPI is also in the process of updating their syllabus to include any social issues that need to be addressed.

The Brunei Times