Bruneians discuss youth issues with ASEAN counterparts

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BRUNEI representatives at this year’s ASEAN youth-related meetings in Vientiane have lent their support for the establishment of the ASEAN Youth Assembly to address youth issues.

The setting up of the ASEAN Youth Assembly was mooted in Kuala Lumpur last year, with hopes of giving an opportunity for youth to exchange views with their ASEAN counterparts.

Youth and Sports Officer at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Muhammad Amirul Syazmie Ibrahim and Siti Kailene Jazlan Kashfi from Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council, backed the formation of the assembly during the ASEAN Leaders’ Interface with representatives of ASEAN Youth 2016 in Laos.

Muhammad Amirul said they discussed ways on enhancing awareness on youth issues. Among the ideas discussed were role of ASEAN youth in preserving culture and heritage and social enterprise development.

“A few programmes can be implemented in Brunei, such as developing the Brunei Youth Work Plan towards Vision 2035, Brunei Youth Assembly and development of social enterprises,” he said.

Muhammad Amirul said agencies that deal with youth must work together in equipping young people with skills.

He added that non-government organisations must take the lead by involving youth in their activities. “The Brunei Youth Convention or Brunei Youth Assembly can be a good start.”

Siti Kailene said all ASEAN youth supported Laos’ proposal on youth contributing to promote cultural heritage cooperation.

She said attending such meetings are important for youth as it serves as a platform to raise concerns and share ideas.

“It is imperative for ASEAN to engage its youth to have a strong ASEAN identity, develop the region and have cohesiveness in facing uncertainties,” she said.

The Brunei Times