Register products with district office, Tutong entrepreneurs told

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THE head of Tutong District Office Corporate Section is calling for more Tutong entrepreneurs to step forward and inform the district office of their products and services so that the Tutong District Office can help in promoting these products.

Siti Joriahati Johari told The Brunei Times recently that there may be some products and services produced by Tutong entrepreneurs and residents that they (Tutong District Office) may have missed and by contacting the District Office’s Corporate Section, will help ensure that their products are assessed properly for quality and is promoted accordingly.

Tutong has 30 attractions and more than 50 products under its ‘One Village, One Product’ (OVOP) umbrella. These attractions and products are part of Tutong’s community-based tourism initiative dubbed ‘Destinasi Tutong’ established in September last year.

The products range from health goods, handicrafts, food and souvenirs. Products promotion includes participation in expos and inclusion of the products and services in the ‘Destinasi Tutong’ tour packages.

“We need cooperation from Tutong grassroots leaders to compile a list of products and services produced not only by their respective village consultative councils but also village residents (that may have com eup with products) so that we will be able to increase the number and variety of products for the district,” she added.

She added that the list of the products will be submitted to the relevant authorities to be assessed in order for the products to get the OVOP logo.

The products made by Tutong entrepreneurs and residents are sold at the ‘One Village, One Product’ (OVOP) gallery at Tutong District Office as well as expos.

The gallery, situated at the District Office building in Tutong Town, exhibits the available attractions as well as outlet for many of the OVOP products.

The gallery open during office hours on weekdays, also serves as the OVOP information centre for local and foreign visitors to buy as well as learn more about the different products offered by entrepreneurs based in the district.

Tutong’s products as well as products from the three other districts are also available at the Royal Regalia in the capital as a result of collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office.

Siti Joriahati added that the sales and public responses of the products at both venue (the gallery and Royal Regalia) were positive, with virgin coconut oil products being highly sought after.

The OVOP programme aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship at the village level, allowing village residents to benefit financially from the sales of their products and services.

The Brunei Times