Police crack down on illegal racing

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) clamped down on motorists for traffic offences during a recent police operation against illegal racing.

In a statement issued to the media, the RBPF said it conducted the operation on the night of September 3 to ensure public safety, especially for road users along Jalan Terunjing, Jalan Utama Tanah Jambu and highway of Rimba Link to Tungku.

From the operation, police took action on two cars due to invalid road tax and unauthorised vehicle modification.

The RBPF said operations for the prevention of illegal racing will be in full swing to ensure the road is safe for members of the public.

People involved in illegal racing are advised to stop the activity immediately, the RBPF said, noting it will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who does not comply with the warning.

Involvement in illegal racing is punishable under section 37A (7) of the Road Traffic Investigation (Road Traffic Act) Chapter 68 with a minimum fine of $1,000 and a maximum of $ 2,000 or imprisonment for six months and suspension of driver’s licence.

Driving beyond the speed limit may be punishable under Section 24 of Chapter 68, Road Traffic Investigation with a fine up to $2,000 and under Section 28 (1) of the Road Traffic Act for dangerous driving with a fine up to $10,000 or imprisonment for two years.

Additionally, modification of a vehicle without the approval of the authorities can be punished with a compound under Chapter 68 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Meanwhile, police personnel from the Temburong Police Headquarters also conducted an operation for crime prevention with the Neighbourhood Watch Group from Kg Selangan, Parit, Sibulu and Biang Baru on Saturday night.

The operation led by Police Superintendent Pg Anak Hj Azanuddin Aman Shah Pg Anak Ismail Al-Haj was conducted in the neighbourhoods of the participating village groups. The RBPF said no suspicious activity or crimes were reported during the patrols around the villages.

The Brunei Times