Local writers urged to embrace technology

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LOCAL writers should embrace technology and see it as an advantage rather than a hindrance in showcasing their works, said the head of the Language and Literature Section under Tutong’s Badan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (B2K) or Arts and Culture Body.

In a recent interview, Dr Chong Ah Fok said modern technology can help authors showcase their work immediately.

“The development of IT can help us in the arts, especially authors. In the past, it took some time for our works to be published through traditional means of media such as magazines and books. With today’s technology and the Internet, it can happen immediately,” said Dr Chong.

“For example, WhatsApp has enabled us to share our work more easily with one another and receive immediate feedback from other writers. It is an achievement to have our work successfully conveyed to other writers who can give feedback,” he said.

He, however, acknowledged that criticisms would come more often on online forums but writers should remain brave for the sake of their art.

“It is important to be brave if you are a writer. It would be a great shame if your work never sees the light of day. There is that fear of people reading our work and giving comments here and there,” said the section head.

“The works of authors are a social agent that could help shape the development of our country... this requires us to be brave. It would be a great service to the public to learn and enjoy the art of our written work,” he explained.

He also said that the B2K is looking to publish more books in different genres.

“We would like to venture into novels and scriptwriting for dramas, among others,” said Dr Chong.

“The involvement of other writers from across the country is something we would like to see happen as it could be an opportunity for us to have more serious and intellectual conversations in our field,” said the section head.

The Brunei Times