Youth urged to make use of digital media

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YOUTH need to learn how to maximise the potential of digital mass media while being cognizant of its possible negative effects, said an education officer from the Meragang Sixth Form Centre (PTEM).

In her opening speech at the Media Smart Day Exhibition yesterday, PTEM Head of sociology department Hjh Siti Rozayimah Hj Buntar said that media literacy is crucial due to the advancements in technologies.

The exhibition, organised by PTEM, was aimed at empowering young adults with the knowledge and skills needed to maximise the potential of digital mass media.

“Media influences all of us. Knowledge and skill are needed to navigate the rapidly changing world of media. For example, many people get their news from online media or social media platforms,” she said.

She went on to say that youths need to be aware of how to evaluate media messages.

“Media has unlimited potential which benefits society as a whole, but it is required that we are savvy,” she said.

Hjh Siti Rozayimah said that Mass Media is one of the A-Level topics in Sociology where students should experience learning in a range of different ways and not always be in the classroom.

Among other objectives of the event was to make sure youth are informed about media as well as to avoid exploitation of young and vulnerable internet users.

During the afternoon session of the event, PTEM arranged a special talk by invited panellists to present and discuss issues related to the topic.

The Brunei Times