Students snorkel to learn marine ecosystem

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PONI Divers held a workshop recently for Sayyidina Ali Secondary School (SMSA) in a bid to raise awareness about marine conservation among the youth.

A total of 58 students and four teachers from the sixth form participated in the event at the dive centre’s base in Serasa, where they learned about the importance of coral reefs in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

They were also briefed on the main threats against coral reefs as well as the solutions to these problems.

We try to make the general public more aware about the threats that coral reefs are facing, but at the same time we also want to let them know how they can make a difference in Brunei,” said Poni Divers Managing Director Wong Thye Sing.

During the workshop, the students and teachers also joined a snorkelling session to take a closer look at the coral reefs in Brunei waters.

“The idea is to get them to see firsthand about what they are taught in the classrooms. They have been learning about marine conservation in school, but now they can actually witness the marine resources that we are trying to protect,” said Wong.

He said snorkelling was a new experience for some of the participants and that such excursion can often spur greater interest in marine conservation.

“It’s amazing, because suddenly they can experience it for themselves and they usually become more interested in protecting the marine environment after that. It gives them something more tangible to relate to,” he commented.

Poni Divers have conducted the workshop for SMSA every two years since 2012 with various activities involving beach clean-ups in the past.

The Brunei Times