Woman investigated over abortion suspicions

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A TWENTY-TWO year old woman is being investigated over a charge of taking pills which lead to her to miscarriage.

Defendant Nuramallinie @ Amal Suhailie, 22, was brought to the Magistrates’ Court yesterday and charged with voluntarily causing a miscarriage when she consumed pills while she was still pregnant.

The court document stated that the incident took place at her home in Perumahan Kg Bunga Rampai in the late evening of August 31, this year.

The penalty carries an imprisonment term of up to seven years in jail and an unspecified amount in fines.

Deputy public prosecutor Hjh Rozaimah Hj Abd Rahman yesterday sought for Nuramallinie to be further remanded until Tuesday next week to allow the police to take her statement, as well as statement from her close friend, who is also “instrumental” in the investigation of the case.

The presiding senior magistrate, Hj Nabil Daraina PDH Badaruddin, however, gave the prosecution until today (Sunday, September 4) for the police to conduct their investigation as the court had deemed the defendant medically unfit.

The court ordered Nuramallinie to be released on bail at 5pm today set at $3,000 or the same amount in one local surety.

The case is scheduled to be heard next week on Saturday, September 10.

The Brunei Times