Indonesian SMEs keen on Brunei market

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SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Indonesia are keen to collaborate with their Brunei counterparts and penetrate the local market with a variety of their goods and handmade products.

Nearly 40 Indonesian entrepreneurs are currently in the sultanate to participate in a three-day maritime exhibition organised by the Indonesian Embassy at The Mall, Gadong which ends tomorrow.

Speaking to The Brunei Times yesterday, Ita Yudi, owner of Poes Craft Company from Jakarta, said she’s optimistic that her products will be well received by Bruneians.

She said that among her best-selling items in Indonesia are the dual-function brooches/pendants for Muslim women which may achieve similar results in Brunei’s market with its Muslim population.

Established 16 years ago, her company specialises in handicrafts and handmade accessories including necklaces, bracelets and rings made with pearls, agate and Druzy stones found in Indonesia.

“I also teach crafting of these products back in Indonesia. So aside from looking for potential markets in Brunei, I’m also open to teaching and sharing knowledge of my expertise with Bruneians here,” said Ita, who is scheduled to demonstrate her skills to the public during the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Yuli Astuti, a fashion designer and owner of Muria Batik Kudus from Central Java province, said she’s looking forward to the business meeting with Brunei entrepreneurs scheduled to take place tomorrow at 10am at the Rizqun International Hotel.

“Being here and participating in this exhibition for the first time, it’s a great opportunity for us to explore our options (in Brunei) while exchanging knowledge and information with our Brunei counterparts,” she said.

Yuli, whose company specialises in handmade batik and ‘ready to wear’ attire for Muslims, said the exhibition is a stepping stone to further her 10-year career in the textile business with input she will gain from Brunei and its population.

Atik Deddy, owner of Rizky Boutique, said this was her fourth time taking part in the annual event.

“Based on the previous events, my handmade Kaftan ladies wear is the most popular choice among Bruneians (at the exhibition),” she said, adding that handmade batik shirts for men are also available.

She said she made a 20 to 30 per cent profit from past years’ sales in the sultanate.

InsyaAllah, if everything runs smoothly, we’re also looking to set up a shop and sell our products here permanently,” she added.

The Brunei Times