Environmental fair held

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THE Brunei Darussalam Environment Youth Envoy (EYEs), a programme under the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (Jastre) to create youth as ‘agents of change’ since 2008, held their first Environmental Fair for the public at the Jubilee Park yesterday.

With today being the last day, the event aims at spreading awareness among the public in strengthening the country’s green agenda.

The EYEs booths hosted educational games using used items to promote the habit of reusing recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and reusable bags.

Bowling pins made up of empty plastic bottles were seen knocked down by participating youth with aged coconuts.

An up-cycling booth showed visiting members ways in re-using and modifying objects such as plastic bottles and wood to make everyday products such as cosmetic accessories and pen holders.

“It is sometimes hard to get the message across to people especially when translating scientific terms relating to environmental degradation into layman language,” president of EYEs said.

“There is also sometimes a language barrier problem when trying to promote a healthy environment, especially with the older generation since they mostly speak Malay,” the 20-year-old Amal Afifah Rusali said.

Plants were also displayed in compost-filled used plastic bottles.

“All these kids who visit will hopefully gain extra knowledge in environmental awareness and they in turn will tell their parents about it, or their kids when they later become parents themselves,” the biological science student at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam said.

Around five food vendors who were invited were also ‘not allowed’ to give plastic bags to customers but were urged to use reusable bags.

“One of our most successful initiatives in preserving the environment was the ‘No Plastic Bag’ weekend drive that you see happening at major supermarkets on weekends,” she said.

Present to officiate the event was JASTRE’s Head of Environmental Planning and Management Division, Martinah Hj Tamit who told _The Brunei Times _that the event was aimed at empowering the youth in their efforts in taking the lead in preserving the environment.

The Brunei Times