Cottage industry training programme closes

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NINETEEN participants from the Brunei Arts and Handicraft Training Centre and 14 cottage industry entrepreneurs have completed a programme dubbed ‘Comprehensive Training for Cottage Industry: Product Development and Commercialisation’ yesterday. The customised five-day training programme which started on August 29 was organised by the Universiti Teknologi Brunei as one of its community engagement initiatives.

 According to a press statement from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, the programme was designed specifically for cottage industry entrepreneurs especially among Village Consultative Councils and private individuals in the manufacturing and weaving sectors.  The aims of the programme are to equip the participants with skills that will enable them to produce more innovative products that have a better competitive edge in the market; encourage cooperation and knowledge transfer between various agencies to empower cottage enterprises and support the economic diversification efforts of the country.

The Brunei Times