International halal seminar concludes

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THE International Seminar on Halalan Tayyiban Products and Services 2016 came to a close yesterday with several resolutions including having Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) as both a national and international research centre.

The resolutions of the seminar was delivered by the Director of the Mazhab Syafi’i, Dr Azme Hj Matali at the closing ceremony.

According to Dr Azme, having UNISSA as a research centre would mean that it acts as an institution of excellence, capable of reliable research.

The relevant authorities were also called to emphasise halal certification processes as it involves the process of producing halal food, the qualified standard of halal food premises while also ensuring the quality of the product.

The collaboration between food producers and the relevant agencies would solve any issues and challenges in the process of halal certification and to also develop and promote the halal industry in the ASEAN level as the world halal hub.

The authorities and practitioners of Halalan Tayyiban Product and Services Industry were also called to unite and collaborate in serving towards the execution and highlighting of the beauty of Allah’s laws and setting it as the main preference across the globe. Another resolution was to recognise the different religious perception and approach to alcohol.

“Most religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol on the basis of it being sinful or the negative impact that it has, while others tend to view it from other perspective. Some religions consider the usage of alcohol in ritual activities and some others permit the consumption to the extent that it may not cause intoxication,” said Dr Azme. He added, “As such, it is recommended that the term alcohol have a standard definition recognised internationally, in order to avoid misunderstanding and confusion in the life of the society as a whole”.

The resolution also called for good food to not only be viewed from the health perspective but to also take into consideration the “essence of it being halal, since such is found to have influence on mankind’s attitude and characters”.

It also called for the wide-spread dissemination of information on issues related to halal and haram food.

It would act to “strengthen the understanding and practice of students specifically towards halal food as well as the Halalan Tayyiban products and services in general,” according to the resolution.

The resolution was then handed over from the Head of Global Halal Industry at the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office, Hj Sabri Hj Mohd Taha to the Deputy Minister of Education, Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar.

The Brunei Times