‘Drug abuse among youth worrying’

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IMAMS yesterday reminded congregants of the dangers of substance abuse, describing drugs as “silent enemies” of the country.

During the Friday sermon, imams said based on a 2012 study, the trend of youth getting involved in drugs is “worrying”.

The majority of those involved in drug abuse cases in the sultanate comprised youth aged from 30 to 34 with 118 cases, followed by 92 youths aged 35 to 39.

The study also found that the major contributing factors leading to drug abuse among youth are curiosity, influence from peers as well as the absence of parents’ affection and attention.

“There are also young smokers who got involved with drugs because they are used to the nicotine found in cigarettes, and they might be lured to try other types of drugs,” said imams.

The sermon also warned congregants of the repercussions of substance abuse if it is not controlled.

“If (the problem) is not controlled, it is also possible that the number of youth involved with drugs will keep increasing,” imams said.

“Remember, drugs are the enemies of the country that act silently, because its effects can be detrimental to both the community and the country’s development,” they added.

In this regard, imams said the country has been focusing on curbing substance abuse.

They said performing daily prayers, reciting the Quran, increasing zikir to Allah SWT and intensifying good deeds whilst refraining from wrongdoing are among practices that can be done to prevent youth from being involved with drugs.

“Let us continue our efforts in making our youth as individuals who are useful to the religion, nation and the country, by inviting all levels of society in this country to practise goodness and prevent transgressions.”

The Brunei Times