Tasek Lama wardens take up night watch

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WARDENS at Tasek Lama Recreational Park have begun conducting night watches to facilitate search and rescue operations should the need arise.

“It won’t be made part of their daily routines but rather something of added value to their work,” said Shahrom Hj Abdul Wahab, head of the Municipal Department’s Landscape and Recreation Section.

The park wardens started their night shift last week, according to Shahrom, and future watches will involve all 13 of their wardens.

He said the night watches would be done once a month or once every two months.

“The park wardens’ usual working hours are from 6am to 6pm, but we expect the night watch to start maybe around 8pm and to last an average two hours per watch.

“There tends to be visitors who go along the paths until late at night. The closing time is actually 6pm, but visitors and trekkers still continue to come to exercise,” he said.

Shahrom said the park’s environment is different at night, so they need to pay more attention to areas that could be slippery or dangerous which are more visible during the day. He said they also want to be able to provide assistance and guidance to teams deployed at the park should there be any unfortunate incidents such as people going missing.

“Hopefully, we can better aid search operations should any visitor get lost. If there are reports of missing people, our park wardens will remain there to provide help,” he said.

In view of this, he also advised visitors to avoid going on long treks when it’s almost closing time.

“Say if it’s 5pm or 5.30pm; we’d like to advise the public not to embark on lengthy treks for their own safety,” he said.

The trails in the park lead to Bukit Markuching, Bukit Sarang Helang and Tasek Sarubing in Kg Belimbing.

The jungle trails were renovated and opened for public use last year in order to heighten the overall safety of visitors and the park’s landscape.

The Brunei Times