Register your vessel to help keep Brunei waters safe

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THE Marine Department yesterday urged the public to register their fishing vessels and pleasure craft in a bid to keep Brunei’s waters safe.

Hj Yusoff Hj Matussin of the Enforcement Section said they are in the process of updating their database of fishing vessels and pleasure craft, which will also be used by the relevant agencies in coordinating maritime security efforts.

“It will allow us to keep track of who are in our waters,” he said at the maritime security awareness roadshow at the Serambangun Hall, noting there are currently over 3,000 registrations.

He explained the registration process ensures the fishing vessels and pleasure craft meet the safety standards set out in the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Craft) Regulation 2011.

All registered boats are required to be equipped with safety devices and registration information to identify the owners in the case of emergencies.

“We know safety devices can be costly, but you must comply with the regulation if you own a fishing vessel or pleasure craft,” said Hj Yusoff, adding that any individual flouting the law will be liable to a fine of up to $2,000.

The roadshow aimed to promote public awareness of maritime safety issues as well as serve as a platform for interaction between the stakeholders.

Among the issues discussed were policies, regulations and laws relating to registration of fishing vessels and pleasure craft, licensing of fishing gear, offences for entering the safety zones of oil rigs and using dynamite fishing.

Present as the guest of honour was Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer Hj Haizul Rizal Hj Yahya alongside members of the local fishing community.

The roadshow also saw briefings presented by Mohd Irwan Hj Mohd Noor of the Fisheries Department and Muhd Azmin Hj Matlimin of the Brunei Methanol Company, followed by a question-and-answer session involving a panel of stakeholders.

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