UTB keen to create app that blocks adult content

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UNIVERSITI Teknologi Brunei (UTB) is keen to develop an app that can prevent children from accessing adult content on their mobile devices.

Dr Wida Susanty Hj Suhaili, a senior lecturer at UTB’s School of Computing and Informatics, said the varsity is looking to develop a mobile app that can create a safer online space for children.

“Currently we don’t have an app to control pornography (which is developed locally). It’s good to raise it. We will have this in the future,” said the UTB lecturer on the sidelines of the 2016 Knowledge Convention earlier this month.

She said such an app can help prevent children from falling victim to cyber crimes such as sexual grooming.

“Nowadays you see children with mobile phones and tablets so they are exposed to online content that may not be age-appropriate. This can be dangerous,” said the IT expert.

She urged parents to be vigilant on their children’s online activities.

“My advice to parents is to adjust the privacy settings on their gadgets so they don’t go on sites that are not suitable for children and if possible, control their usage,” she said.

Dr Wida, who is also the programme leader for computer network security at UTB, said the varsity is also looking into introducing a new academic programme that focuses on security.

“We will look into including it as part of our curriculum to make sure that people are aware (of cyber crimes),” she said.

According to UTB’s website, there are three courses under the School of Computing and Informatics including Creative Computing, Computer and Information Systems and Computer Network Security.

Dr Wida said an awareness campaign is also in the pipeline to address cyber crimes such as phishing, cyber stalking, identity fraud and sexual grooming.

The lecturer said more cyber security awareness needs to be raised among Bruneians.

“Currently we rely on radio (to disseminate information) but not much on the internet. Perhaps we can have this in the future where a link can pop up with an advertisement that can advise internet users of cybercrimes,” she added.

The Brunei Times