SMSS making student health a priority

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SERI Mulia Sarjana School (SMSS) has strengthened its efforts in promoting a healthy lifestyle by increasing the amount of physical activities among its students.

The school’s activity coordinator, Musa Timbreza, said yesterday on the sidelines of the school’s annual Hua Xia Cultural Festival and Supersarjana ECA/CCA Day that students are nurtured into improving their motor skills in order to strengthen their physical coordination.

“For Years One, Two and Three, they learn the basic body movements — motor skills such as running, jumping as well as push-ups.

“They’re also taught the basics of basketball, but just dribbling first. They only get into techniques when they reach Year Five and Year Six,” he said.

Timbreza said this was to prepare the students by strengthening their coordination during their early years in school.

“That’s why we inculcate this in our curriculum or lesson plan. We strengthen their coordination and balance and we see improvements.

“We really need to nurture them early as these years are the best time to do so,” he said.

He said his position as the school’s activity coordinator was also introduced this year in order to solely focus on creating ‘physically healthy students’.

“Teachers are tasked with strengthening the students’ academic performance. They can’t also be doing the coordinating activities.

“So after five years of teaching (Physical Education), they tasked me with this duty,” he said.

He said SMSS has also taken measures to ensure that the students stay healthy while in school by prohibiting the sale of soft drinks, although the school does allow the sale of isotonic drinks.

“Teachers also keep note of what children bring from home like mee goreng. There are some students who bring mee goreng every day.

“Our teachers are tasked with monitoring this, and parents are advised on this problem (of students bringing unhealthy food) either through text messages or during parent-teacher conferences,” he said.

Timbreza said the school is also focused on giving students a sufficient amount of ‘play time’ especially during their earlier years as the most effective way of getting them to exercise.

“We’re always keeping a watchful eye on the kids. An unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t just affect their ability to participate in sports but also their academic performance,” he said.

The Brunei Times