IBTE committed to improving students’ safety

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THE Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Mechanical Campus is improving its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy by creating proper standard operating procedures for its students.

Zaharuddin Hj Abdul Rahman, head of the HSE unit at IBTE Mechanical Campus, said the campus has its own safety policy and procedures for its students but needs to improve them to achieve a better standard.

He said it’s necessary to improve the standard operating procedures by providing better explanations and instructions to students so it’s easy for them to understand.

He noted that if the students fully understand the policy and its procedures, it will be easier for them to apply them at their future workplaces.

“When they graduate from the campus, they can help their future workplace improve the company’s HSE systems,” said Zaharuddin.

“Safety in the workshop nationwide still needs room for improvement. We’ve tried to make this campus a platform for students to expand their knowledge on HSE, especially in regards to (cars and machinery),” he said.

Zaharuddin said students nowadays take the campus’ HSE policy lightly as they aren’t aware of the serious consequences of ignoring safety measures.

He said since the students are dealing with potentially harmful and high-risk activities or operations such as utilising heavy vehicles or machinery, the need to have better knowledge on safety and safety procedures is mandatory.

“It’s important for IBTE students to study HSE, as they’re dealing with industrial items.

“Many students who have just enrolled at IBTE have zero knowledge of HSE and they don’t really know about handling the machinery safely.

“Safety is about behaviour, and the campus wants to instil safety values in the students. Students have no concern or awareness about the dangers they may face,” he said.

Among the Mechanical Campus’ initiatives to improve its safety policy is by using sign cards to inform students about unsafe conditions or actions.

Every year, the campus also conducts an induction for students on the importance of safety so they will be cautious with the issue of the safety policy.

Zaharuddin said the importance of spreading awareness on HSE policies to every academic institution nationwide is necessary and not just for technical campuses.

“HSE policy doesn’t just apply to IBTE students. It’s also significant for students from other schools. As of now, many academic institutions in Brunei still don’t have proper standard operating procedures for their students.”

The Brunei Times