Writers gather in Tutong district

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TUTONG’S Badan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (B2K) or Arts and Culture Body held its second writers’ meet yesterday where several local authors presented their works.

The meet was held at the Tutong Sixth Form Centre in conjunction with the Language Month in July.

“The rise of literary works from our writers from different ethnic backgrounds can enrich our sources of literature while also strengthening the Malay language,” said Hjh Nortijah Hj Mohd Hassan, the acting director of the Language and Literature Bureau, who was the guest of honour.

“Literature, culture and arts should be expressed in Malay intellectually. As our official language, it should be part of our communication in our daily lives,” she said.

She said that it has been used in many historical works of literature and in various fields, including medicine and legislations.

“Fellow academics and scholars, along with critics, must come together to uplift local literature not only in Brunei but also internationally,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr Chong Ah Fok, head of B2K’s Language and Literature Section, expressed hopes that local literature would be widely accepted by society.

“We have brought together young scholars that can be the next generation of writers,” he said.

“All writers should be involved in the effort to develop the nation, especially by raising awareness of social issues,” he said.

He said he is hoping that by doing so, it would not only help open up the minds of the writers but also the society in general.

“Hopefully it can empower our nationhood,” said Dr Chong.

Four working papers were presented during the half-day writers’ meet.

It was followed by a forum on prospects for younger writers to encourage more youths to write.

The writers’ meet was organised by the Tutong Language and Literature Bureau, Tutong District Office and the Tutong Sixth Form Centre.

The Brunei Times