PDI brings power to disadvantaged converts

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TWENTY-THREE generators have been donated to less fortunate converts across Brunei by the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) since 2014, according to its acting assistant director.

Abd Aziz Hj Abd Kahar said the donations were primarily targeted at supplying electricity to households in rural locations who have yet to take up direct electricity supply.

Fifteen units have been donated to converts in Tutong, four in Belait and two in Temburong and Brunei-Muara. The latest recipient is 76-year-old Siti Rahmah Abdullah Oyut from Sg Mau in Mukim Bukit Sawat who was given a generator yesterday.

The widow, who lives in her wooden stilt house with her son, is the last remaining resident in Spg 1494 without direct electricity supply, according to one of her sons.

“At the moment, we’re waiting for the village head to sign off to support our request (for electricity supply from the power grid),” said Abdul Malik Abdul Mannan, who stays in Kuala Belait, where he works with TelBru.

Abdul Malik said the generator will allow electricity supply in the meantime, which will be most likely used to power a fridge and lights at night.

“We had a generator, but it became faulty about two years ago. So we’re very thankful to be donated a new one,” he said.

His mother stays in Sg Mau with her other son most of the time, where they rear chickens.

Abdul Malik said that several years ago, they had attempted to apply for electricity but were unable to meet the Department of Electrical Services’ requirement of providing a single line diagram that maps out the power system of the location as well as the building’s floor plan.

“This house was built over 20 years ago, so there weren’t any official housing plans drawn up. To hire a contractor to do one costs money, which we couldn’t afford.”

The Brunei Times