‘Be wary of online Islamic content’

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MUSLIMS in the sultanate shouldn’t solely rely on Islamic content frequently spread through social media, said the acting deputy director of the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI).

In a recent interview with The Brunei Times, Abd Aziz Hj Abd Kahar said in the current globalised era, people from different countries and cultures are more connected than ever.

He said due to this connectivity, content from beyond Brunei’s borders is easily accessible and spread through social media, including Islamic content.

“The public needs to be reminded that not all of the (Islamic) content they find online may be true, and some of it may not be applicable within the context of Brunei Darussalam,” he said.

Abd Aziz said there is some Islamic content that may not be applicable to the sultanate due differences in mazhabs (Islamic schools of thought).

He reminded Muslims in Brunei to be familiar with the teachings of Ahli Sunnah Waljama’ah and mazhab Syafie’ that the country subscribes to in order for them to be able to decide for themselves on the suitability of Islamic content found online within the Bruneian context.

When someone receives content that is related to Islam, they should practice sound reasoning by not accepting it at face value, he said, adding that they should find verification from the country’s own religious institutions and agencies.

Abd Aziz said it is the responsibility of agencies such as the Ministry of Religious Affairs including the PDI and the State Mufti’s Office to ensure that Islamic content that enters the sultanate is safe for viewing by the nation’s Muslim population.

“When it comes to print media, it’s easier for us to filter and verify any literature related to Islam that enters the country. But when it comes to online content, it’s difficult for us to monitor everything being spread through social media,” he said.

Due to this, he called for the Muslim population to assist the centre in their cause by keeping an eye out for any false teachings being spread online.

“These are the challenges being faced by the modern ummah, and content being spread through social media has caused many to become confused.

“The centre has set up a number of social media accounts that the public can go to if they have any enquiries on religious law, and we have officers dedicated to respond to these enquiries every day,” he added.

The Brunei Times